So, what is IoT.Cafe?

With IoT.Cafe, anyone can easily make a smart electronics device.
IoT.Cafe is free and open source.

It makes the creation of electronics and smart devices much easier and intuitive by introducing a new paradigm of Rapid Electronics Development.

Here's how it works:

  • You create a visual model (i.e. a project) of a device here on the website, by simply picking the features you want it to have.
  • You assemble your device by following a list of simple instructions, produced by the website. Parts can be found in a typical electronics shop.
  • You install the OpenIoT firmware on your device and upload your project
  • The device is ready and - have you chosen so - you can control it with your phone, your computer or through the internet
You don't need any technical background or special skills to do that.


What is R.E.D?

Rapid Electronics Development (or RED) is a paradigm we've established for quick and easy development of electronics and especially for smart and IoT devices.

It's a goal-oriented visual mode of developing, which follows a few basic principles:

  • Development process takes as few steps as possible
  • Developer needs no special training or equipment
  • Hardware components are represented by software objects, which only expose digested features of practical interest
  • Features are exposed through a unified interface of normalized properties
  • Objects have visual representation and can be interacted with
  • It all works in a sandbox point-and-click fashion

This leads to the emergence of a system, which eliminates technicalities and by bringing electronics down to earth, enables anyone to create their own IoT.

It doesn't need installing specialized software, nor complex development environment setups.

Get Started

Here are a few introductory pages to get you started

  • My First Project - tutorial to learn how building a simple device goes
  • Examples - A few examples on how to build some more devices
  • F.A.Q. - answers to some common questions
  • v2.0 - what's coming up


And here are a few supplemental info pages


We'd be happy to answer your questions, help you in any way or just hear what you think, so go ahead an send us a message or reach us in Social!