Meteo and environment

Among the peripheral modules supported by IoT.Cafe are sensors for

  • Temperature
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Humidity
  • Air quality
  • Wind velocity
  • Wind orientation
  • Soil moisture
...and we're constanly adding more

This makes IoT.Cafe a convenient platform for creating weater stations.
And combined with some other features of the system, things can get quite nifty

  • GPRS connectivity - allows for internet connection practically wherever the station is located. This means it's also accessible and controllable remotely from anywhere
  • Data accumulation - see not only current readings, but keep record on previously received data
  • Histogram and statistics - visualize data and see how it has changed through time, get statistical information on it
  • Web API call - pass data to third party web services like meteo services


In addition to that, an IoT.Cafe meteo station can be also a central controlling device, which controls irrigation through valves and dispatches precise amounts of fertilizer if needed - either automatically or upon user request.