GPS Tracking

You can easily add GPS geo locating feature to your device and track its position.
You do this by simply adding the GPS peripheral.
It gives you latitude, longitude, elevation as well as time.

Commonly, a device with GPS is expected to move around, so internet connection via Wi-Fi would probably not be available.
That's why, if you need your device to be connected to the internet and thus - accessible remotely by you, there's the option to provide it with internet from the GPRS mobile network.
GPRS is how mobile phones get internet connection and your device can do it too by using the GSM peripheral with its GPRS setting turned on.
For details on GPRS, check out the Connectivity info page

With GPS, you can track geo location and depending on your need, you can make all kinds of devices.

For example

  • Simply a tracking device, which tells you the location of its carrier
  • A device, which automatically disables its carrier if it gets outside of a zone
  • A device, which sends you a notification (can be email, mobile or SMS) depending on the carrier's location
  • A device, which along with providing you geo location, allows you to intervene with the carrier's operation
  • A route tracking device, which warns the carrier when out of the right track
  • A route mapping device - remember that with the IoT.Cafe website and API, you can get a history of your devices' readings
  • Possibly many other use cases, depending on your requirements