IoT.Cafe is not only an end-user system, but it's also fully open to developers, who would like to easily integrate electronic devices into their projects.

It's open source, open specification, and it's got an SDK with libraries for interacting with OpenIoT devices.

Check out the Development page to get some resources.


What's more, IoT.Cafe is not a black-boxed software, but rather it abides by a fully defined specification OpenIoT, which establishes a set of rules for developing an electronic/smart device and for its operational parameters. It's a paradigm that not only provides definition to the IoT development process, but also stumulates a more intuitive approach for building and interfacing with smart electronics.

What this means in practice, is that:

  • IoT.Cafe devices and software are standardized by the OpenIoT specification
  • Major changes can't be made lightheartedly, because changing the rules of how devices and software work would mean changing the specification. This means long term version compatibilty and it forces better engineering decisions from start and more responsible development in general
  • IoTCafe is an implementation of the OpenIoT specification
  • The specification is a generally valid point of reference for software and harware developers