Weblink opens a whole world of possibilities for your devices! To summarize, it is internet connectivity and web interactivity.
It allows you to access your devices from anywhere, with nothing but a web browser!

This way, fully remotely, you can:

  • See histogram and statistics for a device ...and get a visual feel of how all values been changing through time.
  • See the current property values ...and get live information on your device's state and readings
  • Change any of your device's settings ...and practically control remotely anything, which is wired with your device
  • Upload a different project to your device ...and effectively repurpose your device without even getting anywhere near it

And here's what your device can do

  • Send you email notification
  • Send you mobile app notification
  • Send you SMS notificaiton
  • Send data to multiple web servers on the internet

To use weblink in your device, simply add the Weblink peripheral in your project.


Internet access

For Weblink to work, your device would need access the internet.
To see how to connect your device to the internet, check out the Connecting to the Internet page.