You can setup your device to send you instant notifications when certain conditions are met.
It can send Emails, SMS and mobile App notifications.

The Webalert peripheral

To send notifications from your device, you simply need to do the following:

  • Add the Webalert peripheral to the device's project
  • Make sure the device has access to the internet.
    For more info about that, check out the Connectivity info page

SMS via GSM network

You can also send SMS via the GSM mobile network by using the GSM SMS peripheral.

This peripheral explicitly uses the mobile network and sends SMS as a mobile phone normally would.
As is to be expected, this would require the device to have access to the mobile network, which can be provided by the GSM peripheral.

Note that this method is limited to SMS only and would require a SIM card issued by a mobile operator. Sending SMS would charge you according to your mobile operator's terms.