Remote control

You know these universal remote controls which can operate nearly any home appliance?
Your IoT.Cafe device can do that!
Not only can it control other devices, but it can also be controlled by the remotes of other devices!

Typically, the remote controls of home appliances use IR (Infra Red) light to send commands.

The IR Output peripheral

This peripheral can send IR commands and practically control devices with an IR remote control in your home.

  • Your IoT.Cafe device can control multiple home appliances
  • Appliances, which alone don't have smart feaures, can become part of your smart system and reap all the benefits of IoT.Cafe
For example, with IoT.Cafe, you can create an internet-accessible device, which can turn On or Off your heating or AC system, even if doesn't have smart features!

The IR Input peripheral

This peripheral can receive IR commands from remote controls

  • You can make your own IoT.Cafe device able to be remote-controlled
  • It can be controlled by whatever remote controller you prefer - including the ones you may already have in your house. This way you need not stash a bulk of remotes.