Smart home solution

IoT.Cafe is a universal system for creating and controlling smart devices.

  • It has integrated features for connecting via the internet, mobile devices and computers.
  • Supports multiple hardware devices from simple buttons, lights, valves and relays, through various environment sensors, to GPS and motion processing.
  • It can control other electrical devices either by simply turning them on and off or via other means like IR remote control. It can also make HTTP calls and interact with devices which have web capabilities.
  • It can also sense environment characteristics and control fluid flow via electric valves.
  • It's able to send notifications via email, mobile app or SMS.

Check it out

You can check out all the features of the system in detail in the Features page.
Or you can dive right into it and check out what can an IoT.Cafe project offer you.

These and many more features make IoT.Cafe a convenient tool for creating a smart home system, which has all the features in one place.

  • The real power of an IoT.Cafe system is that all the features you choose to integrate, can interact with each other.
  • The big convenience of it is that all its features and attached devices are controlled from a single unified user interface, instead of each separate device having its own specific controls.
  • Off the shelf products may in time disappear from the market or get replaced by others similar but not exactly the same ones. Iot.Cafe on the other hand is independent from merchants and is standardized by the OpenIoT specification.