Here are a few step-by-step examples on how to make stuff

Creating a simple device and controlling it via the IoT.Cafe App

In this example, we'll create a simple device, which has a LED light and will see how to connect and control it with a mobile phone or computer via Bluetooth or USB.

  • Create a simple LED light device
  • Control your device with your mobile phone or computer

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Flashing main board. Making a purely-web device.

Here, we'll lay some detals about the firmware setup process and show how we can upload a project and manage a device purely via the internet, without ever needing the IoT.Cafe App

  • Setup new device with the OpenIoT firmware
  • Manage the new device through the internet

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Making a first step to creating a weather station

In this example, we'll use the BME280 sensor to measure temperature, humidity and barometric pressure.
You can also use the BMP280 sensor, only it can't measure humidity.

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Connecting your device to the internet

In this example, we'll explore several ways for your device to become internet-accessible

  • Using board with built-in Wi-Fi
  • Using external Wi-Fi module
  • Using GPRS and the mobile network

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Connecting and accessing a device via the internet

In this example, we'll have a device connect to the internet and access it via the IoT.Cafe website.

  • Add Weblink to your device
  • Access the device from the internet
  • Change the device's settings from the internet
  • Update the device's project from the internet

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See how Weblink-enabled devices log their data into a histogram in your account

In this example, we'll check on the data collected from a Weblink-enabled device and see it plotted on a histogram

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...Or how to integrate with web APIs

In this example, we'll create a device, which measures ambient air features like temperature and pressure and we'll use Weblink and Web Relay to send the measurement to Windy.

Windy is a community-driven meteo website, where people can provide meteo data from their own meteo stations, creating a world-wide meteo map.

We'll integrate our device with the Windy API and see its redings on the map in windy.com.

  • Create a device with an air sensor
  • Add Web Relay to the device's project, so the device's readings get passed through to Windy
  • See our device's readings on windy.com

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Internet and SMS from the mobile network

In this example, we'll see how to use the mobile network for internet and for sending SMS messages, the way a phone does

  • Create a device with GSM module
  • Use internet via the mobile network
  • Send an SMS via the mobile network

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Sending instant notifications

We'll see how your device can send Email, SMS and mobile notifications

  • Create a device with Weblink peripheral
  • Send Email, SMS and moble notification

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