Meteo stationexample

In this example, we'll create a device, which measures ambient air features like temperature, pressure and humidity.

Hardware you'll need:

  • ESP32 main board
  • BMP280 or BME280 sensor module

Let's go!

This is quite a straightforward project, in which we simply have one AirSensor peripheral and the BMP/BME280 sensor module is connected to the main board via I2C interface.

Creating the project

Let's start by creating a new project.
Go to Projects and click on the New Project button.

A new project will be created and you will be redirected to the new project's page.
The new project is currently empty and has a default name. Let's rename it to My Meteo Station.

Now, add an AirSensor peripheral by clicking on the icon.

There! We now have a project for a device, which can measure air temperature, pressure and if you're using the BME280 sensor - humidity too.

Reading values

You're ready to wire the device and upload the project.
Do that, and you shold be able to connect the device to your phone and see the temperature, pressure and humidity readings.

If you need details on uploading the project to your device, check out the My First Project example.

Connect to the internet

You can now get your device's redings with the IoT.Cafe App via Bluetooth or USB.
However, this requires you to be somewhere near the device.

There's a way to access your device from anywhere via the internet!
You can do this with the Weblink peripheral.

To learn how, check out the Weblink example.