Statistics and Dataexample

In this example, we'll take a look at the Histogram and Statistics features of Weblink-enabled devices.

These are passive features for any Weblink-enabled device.
So long as your device has access to the internet and has a properly set Weblink, you'll be able to see the histogram and statistics for its accumulated data.


This example is a demonstration of the histogram and statistics functionality for Weblink-enabled devcies.
It builds upon the Weblink example.

For details, check

Let's go!

To see a histogram of your device's readings, the device has to have sent these readings to the website.

The Weblink peripheral's Feed Interval property determines in what time interval in seconds the device is to send readings.
So if the Feed Interval value is 60 for example, this means that the device will send data once each minute.

Now, to check out the actual data, go to your Devices page, locate your device in the list there and click on the Stats link.
The link leads to a page with a histogram, containing all device readings so far, plotted on a chart and some basic statistics on the accumulated data.