The IoT.Cafe ecosystem consists of several interconnected projects working together.

Some of these projects are end-user products, other are software libraries, which developers can use to integrate IoT.Cafe devices into their own software, which we've created and use ourselves for our end user products. These libraries are also available for anyone to use on their own for their personal projects.

Here are the main projects which consitute the IoT.Cafe infrastructure:

End user products

  • IoT.Cafe website - on the website users can create their projects, connect to their Weblink-enabled devices and manage their IoT.Cafe accounts
  • IoT.Cafe apps - the mobile and desktop apps can connect to users' IoT.Cafe devices, providing readings and control over them
    • Android mobile app
    • Windows app
  • OpenIoT firmware - a setup tool, which installs the OpenIoT firmware on users' devices, enabling these devices to work with IoT.Cafe

Developer products

Developer products

  • IoT.Cafe SDK - contains source code of libraries for working with IoT.Cafe devices on multiple platforms and source code of the IoT.Cafe apps
    • Android mobile library with source code
    • .NET library with source code
    • Andriod app source code
    • Windows app source code
  • Web API - provides all the functionality needed to interface with the IoT.Cafe web server


The OpenIoT specification is the fundamental abstract set of ideas, definitions and rules, upon which IoT.Cafe is built.

It's a central reference point for both the developers of IoT.Cafe itself, as well as developers who want to use IoT.Cafe products in their own projects.